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Surgical Guide to Circumcision

editors Bolnick, Koyle and Yosha — Springer publisher

Introduction.- 1 Current Circumcision Trends and Guidelines.- 2 Informed Consent: Principles for Elective Circumcision.- 3 Embryology of the Penis.- 4 Anatomy for Newborn Circumcision.- 5 Anatomic Contraindications to Circumcision.- 6 Complications of Circumcision.- 7 Pain Control in Infant Circumcision.- 8 Pre-circumcision Assessment & Exam.- 9 Newborn Circumcision Techniques.- 10 Healing, Bandaging, and Aftercare.- 11 Management of Acute Complications.- 12 Pediatric Circumcision.- 13 Dressings and Care After Surgical Circumcision.- 4 Adult Circumcision.- 15 Foreskin Reconstruction.- 16 Circumcision – Case Against Surgery Without Medical Indication.- 17 Care and Conditions of the Uncircumcised Phallus.- 18 A Comment on Informed Consent.- 19 Current Medical Evidence Supports Male Circumcision.- 20 Circumcision, Sexual Function and Sexual Satisfaction.- 21 Why Circumcision – From Pre-History to the 21st Century.- 22 Rituals, Culture, and Economics.- 23 Jewish Ritual Circumcision.- The Bris.- The Operating Room Bris.- 24 Islam and Circumcision.- 25 Female Genital Cutting: the misnomer of female circumcision.- 26 Circumcision In The Early Christian Church: the controversy that shaped a continent. Back to Home

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